Moon Competition

A common question we get asked is "why follow the Moon?" There are many different answers to this question so we thought it would be interesting and useful to create an eBook that illustrates a range of people's various experiences.

If you follow the Moon, we want to hear from you.

We're looking for personal thoughts and reflections, your beliefs, your observations. What attracts you to the Moon?  Is your mood affected by the Moon?  Do you garden by the Moon?  What have you concluded? Pictures, photographs, ideas, mystical tales, poems, stories. Do you honour the Moon's cycle? What do you include in your ceremony?

Please share to your hearts delight.



  • COLLECT examples of how and why people follow the cycles of the Moon

  • CREATE an eBook to share with other Moon followers

Every chosen submission




How to Enter

  • Email your entry [email protected]
  • Facebook: post direct to our page using the hashtag #MoonCompetition
  • Twitter: tweet your entry use #MoonCompetition and tag @Astrocal

* by entering you give us permission to use your entry in the eBook 





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