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Astrocal began in 2004. Our first Moon Calendar was conceived and designed during the time Tina was supposed to be writing her final dissertation for an MA in Digital Media - a fine distraction to put off starting to write! We had both become bored of having the same Moon Calendar on our wall year after year and were looking for something different.  We couldn't find what we were looking for and so the design process began... We wanted to move away from the linear design to show the circularity of the solar and lunar cycles as well as to make it more astrological. After uploading the design to a webpage, we were delighted to have fantastic feedback and lots of sales!

Since then, each year we've designed new products, slowly but surely creating a whole range. As the collection has grown so has the business side. We ended up living with boxes of stock and packaging in every room until we completely out grew our flat in Hove. We then moved to a cohousing community in Dorset where we have our own office in the communal farmhouse. Perfect, but we're starting to outgrow this too and will soon be moving on!

We have been overwhelmed with how popular our diaries and calendars have become and have had interest and praise for their design from all over the world from Brazil to Japan to Australia. It is an extremely satisfying experience to have such a good response for products that we've designed ourselves.

We feel very proud of all of the products we produce, particularly our Astro Moon Diary as it brings together art, photography and creative writing from many of our talented friends. How blessed we are to have such inspiring people around us! We also really appreciate the support and endorsement that Jonathan Cainer gave us from the outset as this has helped immensely. We were very sad at his passing - he will forever be a part of Astrocal's history.... 

We feel very blessed to love our work as we've built our business around what we love to do. We're both outside people and love to walk the land, connecting to nature and her cycles. Searching and finding different sacred sites gives us a quest, a focus and has taken us to the most stunning places, where we've had the most amazing experiences - you can see some of our journies which we've documented in the Our Journeys section. We also love to star gaze and watch what's happening in the heavens.

Even though we don't class ourselves as astrologers, astrology is a way of life for us and has been for many years. We run the Astrology Area at Glastonbury Festival every year with The Wheel of Astrologers, many of whom are our dearest friends who we love to get together with and astro babble. We have huge respect and appreciation for the deep insight astrology has given us along our journey through life.

In 2010, Ceri became a full partner in the business. Her main role is to send out all of the orders to both individuals and shops. She deals with the advertising and promotion as well as providing ideas and inspiration for new products and doing some of the design work herself - an all round job! Her input to the business and the progression to a partnership has allowed us to expand our products even further and we're constantly adding to our range.

We're very fortunate to have formed a strong working relationship with Blackmore Printers who are located just three miles up the road from us. Blackmore have been extremely professional and supportive in our expansion. We feel very strongly that it's important to keep our printing local and in the UK. We now often sell out before the end of the year so we're increasing our print runs to try to avoid disappointing customers. All in all the future is bright for Astrocal and our creativity is increasing with our stock!  

In 2016, we expanded even more and began suppliying our US customers directly from within America using Amazon USA. We're forming new and exciting relationships with US contacts so watch this space for further developments!

We would like to thank our customers for all of their lovely feedback.  Appreciation makes it all worth while! May the Sun, the Moon and the planets guide you on your way.

Tina & Ceri

Tina Smale

Tina Smale

Ceri Loxley


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