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Tchenka Sunderland

Tchenka Sunderland
Tchenka writes every year for our Moon Diary and Moon Calendar. We have known her for over twenty years, she is a dear personal friend and inspiriation in our lives.
"Thirty five years I've had my head in the stars! After years of consulting, teaching, broadcasting and writing, my current work involves in-depth study of nature’s seasonal processes, examining the physical properties of ruling planets, their metals and herbs, and looking more closely at the season’s traditional customs. A “perennial philosophy” has emerged that suggests that those characteristics endowed by our astrological inheritance are our own personal experience and expression of natural forces that operate all the time in this world Below. The birth chart then becomes a description of our fundamental "leaden" Nature and it becomes our life task to apply our consciousness towards manifesting its highest potential here on the earth - to be the gold!"
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Jaki Miles-Windmill D.F. Astrol.S

Jaki Windmill astrologer
I am deeply respectful of Astrology and Astrologers because we are constantly developing the body of knowledge which is always evolving. I’m constantly shocked by how literal it can be in its incredible accuracy. It’s an amazing tool, a lens through which to learn from the past, to observe the present and to prepare as much as is possible for the future. Our personalities are indeed written in the stars -  from which we arrive to a certain place and at a certain time on the earth. We can become more informed about ourselves and others in the study of Astrology through the birth chart that reveals what arrived with us from the Cosmos in our ‘suitcase of possibilities’ when we were born, clutched in our tiny hands!

I’m from St.Ives, Cornwall -  living in Wales. I’m also a Shamanic Practitioner, a musician, a teacher and I write for children - and for this site, the Moon calendar and the Moon Diary.

Nascita Montuschi

I live on the Somerset Levels with a man and three dogs, sing a lot and am grateful to have astrology as the language of my inner life. I never get tired of seeing an astrological energy answer its name by appearing in the eyes of the person whose chart I'm reading.

Jean Elliott

I love to bring astrology and astronomy together as our ancestors did.  I love to try and explain what happens, in ways that are easy to understand, during eclipses of the Sun and Moon, when the planets go retrograde (backwards against the order of the constellations) and so on.  I enjoy interpreting these events in an inspiring and helpful way, which is not to deny that some of them are challenging; but symbols are just that – symbols – which can be understood and used in many different ways.  That was the original meaning of magic - perhaps.  ‘We must always bear in mind that we are not going to be free, but are free already.’  Swami Vivekananda, in Indian Wisdom 365 days.   

Writers 2019

Tracy Holloway
Internationally renowned speaker, writer and broadcaster on the path of Awakening; sharing transformational audio presentations, guided meditations, talks, workshops, ceremonies, internet broadcasts and sacred journeys with the land.


Tim Holland
Astronomical Astrologer from Gloucestershire.

Artists 2019

Wendy Andrew

Wendy Andrew
Wendy's paintings are inspired by the ancient mysteries that are wrapped in the turning of the seasons, and the voice of The Goddess whispering through the mythical realms.

Jill Smith

Artist, writer and performer - living in the Hebrides.


Rob Rowe

Lives in beautiful Lulworth Cove in Dorset and photographs local scenes.

Tanya Hinton

Unique and unusual paintings of creatures in oil on weathered wood and driftwood.

Nick Andrew
Nick Andrew’s gestural and colourist work is predominantly inspired by the life and vitality of the river and landscape close to his studio in south Wiltshire.

Samantha Foreman
Artist, healer, bee keeper and animal lover, living in Surrey. She combines the healing waters of Chalice Well Glastonbury within all her artwork.

Geanina Grigore
Secondary school teacher, astrologer and artist living in London.

Russell Barton
Bespoke artist 

Foosiya Miller

Sculptor and artist living in Dorset
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