Brexit Forecast

Here is Tchenka's forecast for June 2016 in our Astro MOON CALENDAR.  This is the month that the UK voted to leave the European Union.  Tchenka wrote this 18 months in advance and as you'll see, she's spot on...

The solstice approaches. During these long days, the Sun is at its highest, the full Moon at its lowest in the sky. The green world’s upward growth drive peaks. Its tips are decorated with flowers fit for a bride on her wedding day; the marriage of heaven and earth is happening before your very eyes! The sea of air within which we all live is full of activity. Pollen blows in the breeze, insects buzz and butterflies flit; aerial creatures are carrying out their Geminian task of weaving an information network for the cross pollination that is essential if life is to reproduce itself.

The cosmic pattern is unusually ripe with potential for this cross fertilization and for the evolution of life and for weaving a new web of connectivity. Nothing seems solid right now. All is spreading and mutating. The Gemini new Moon on the 5th joins with Venus in creating a moment absolutely brimming with creative potential for such action. It reactivates the long-running, mutable T-square twixt Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune while Mercury is still forming an earthy Grand Trine with Virgoan Jupiter and the Moon’s north node and Capricorn Pluto. This extremely powerful and significant pattern heralds a month when people and ideas can slip, slide and realign themselves into a new paradigm that reflects the ideals of unity and coherence that have been inspiring, infecting or deluding since last year. The deck of cards is being reshuffled in light of the discontent brought to the surface by Pluto’s long time transit of Capricorn. Now is the time when propitious new alliances, deals and connections can be made. Nimble fingers and silver tongues can work their magic but beware the glib talk of manipulators or the gloss of enchanting images. Tread carefully and warily. The T-square is generating an evolution in the relationship between the intoxicating enchantments of the worlds of Possibility and the limitations of time, space and gravity. What or who to believe? Nothing is certain. Is the inspiring vision to be brought down to earth with grace or with a crashing thump? One thing is sure - deep thought and investigation will again be necessary to reveal the fundamental truth. 

The doorway to the new cycle, opened by the new Moon, stands wide by its fullness on the 20th, just 11 hours before the summer Solstice when the Sun enters Cancer. The Sun is at its midday height; Saturn’s square with Neptune has now reached exactitude and Jupiter’s trine to Pluto is also very close to completion. Mercury’s involvement from its own domain of Gemini, will transmit the message of the archetypal realm down to personal realms through “chance” events - thus those with eyes to see will read its message loud and clear. A powerful moment; a moment when consequences are revealed or the picture becomes clear. Don’t be surprised however, if the message is not quite what we expect to hear or if events don’t quite go according to plan. Retrograde Mars has been stealthily wending its devious way backwards through its own underworld domain of Scorpio all month and at this critical moment is irritatingly provoking volatile Uranus into another of its surprising outbursts. Sudden accidents or unexpected outbursts of violence could pull the rug from under many a foot unless its demands for new rights and freedoms have been heeded. Radical change has been the cosmic demand for some years now and unless the very real potential of this time to weave a new paradigm has been addressed, then its equal potential for dissolution and chaos may be the uncomfortable consequence. The only thing certain is that there is no way back!


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