Mars enters Aquarius - 9th Nov 2016

Mars enters Aquarius

Mars Enters Aquarius
As Mars enters the gregarious and very human sign of Aquarius at around 5.50 GMT on the morning of the 9th, one could hope that it would start to invigorate togetherness and a compassionate understanding of the differences between each of us, which in essence is what Aquarius represents. Mars stimulates and Aquarius is certainly a sign which can be stimulated! However, it is also a fixed sign which can be a tad on the conservative side if it chooses. Ruled by Uranus (with which Mars is now in mutual reception) Aquarius was traditionally ruled by big ol’ Saturn. It is by looking at this combination of influences and other aspects, that we can start to discern how Mars in Aquarius will impact the coming months.

Where Is The Party?
The ingress of Mars finds it self all alone at the start of the signs. Normally, Mars is ready to get stuck in and party. However, as yet Mars is at a loss as to where the party is and there is a general sense of doom and gloom.....not really party material. Although Venus will semi sextile Mars when it enters Capricorn in a couple of days and Mercury will ingress in to Sagittarius, sextiling Mars the day after that, neither will be able to support Mars in any meaningful way, yet.

Venus & Mercury
Venus will be initially focusing on working out the best way to move forward and finding its feet and Mercury will be suffering from having been in hiding whilst in Scorpio and will still be a bit dazzled by the bright lights of Sagittarius.  This may well set the scene for the next couple of weeks, leaving Mars frustrated as it deals with a lack of clarity and vision, a situation not normally associated with Aquarius. 

Should Be This, Should Be That
Mars may then start to get really miffed, as towards the end of November it finds itself at a midpoint between the Pluto/Venus conjunction in Capricorn and the Neptune/South Node conjunction in Pisces. Here, it can hear all sorts of whispered gossip, about what it SHOULD be doing, who it SHOULD be doing it with and what vision it SHOULD be having...but it all sounds a bit prosaic and regressive. 

Work To Create A Consensus Of Unity
In reality, very little is being mooted that Mars in Aquarius, finds palatable. There is a lot of jaw jaw to be had in Aquarius and Mars wants to do something of value with real consequences, not endlessly talk about it and a frustrated Mars is not a pretty sight. In Aquarius, it wants to work, to create a consensus of unity within division and if this is not the main focus, it may well start to throw its toys out of the pram, showing a collective frustration at a lack of cohesion and vision. If it can just hold on for a few days and not throw a hissy fit, then come the start of December, Mars will move in to a magnificent trine with Jupiter in Libra, as it also starts a sextile to Uranus in Aries and to Saturn in Sagittarius. This is where Mars will literally be in it’s elements, fanning it’s own flame and the invigorating effect of Mars will come in to play (where it can boogie till it drops).

Dialogue Between Differing View Points
Over the last few weeks, since it entered Libra, Jupiter has been plugging away trying to create a dialogue between all sorts of differing view points. Jupiter has been duly stymied by an obstructive and paranoid Pluto in Capricorn and a contrary and headstrong Uranus in Aries. A Mars Jupiter tine, in the airy signs of Aquarius and Libra, can move beyond the physical argy bargy to start, metaphorically, knocking a bit of sense in to some folks heads. 

Window Of Opportunity
There is a window of opportunity in the first couple of weeks of December for Mars to stimulate a consensus, creating energy that could channel new visions of a future, that has the potential to be taken on board by the majority, if not all of us. Venus also enters Aquarius on the 8th of December and will certainly try to install a sense of cohesiveness, even if it is feeling a little awkward at times (the Sun/Saturn conjunction on the 10th will also try to shift some of the lingering debris of the last few months). “We the people” need to jump on this feeling of good will to all, as by the Solstice, Mars will be moving in to Pisces and the impetus and energy for change will slow and may well get bogged down in a brandy soaked christmas pudding. This will leave Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus in a rather sticky situation for a few days, while they try to thrash out old hurts and wounds. However, before they can get too grumpy with one another, a fair and electrifying Venus will turn up just in time for Christmas dinner, to reboot the party Mars initiated at the beginning December. 

Heike Robertson


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