Spring Equinox Chart 2019

Spring Equinox 20th March 2019 21:50 GMT
As the Virgo Moon approaches fullness, the Sun moves into Aries, and together, just 5 hours later, they bring spring’s growth power to culmination. The root potential of the winter solstice chart is emerging into the visible world. The exalted Aries Sun again aspects Uranus, which has recently moved into its new Taurean home, and through sudden loss of what is considered valuable begins its work of changing values regarding the power of the land and its resources. Mars, the Solstice ruler, also sits in Taurus, making close aspects several planets and thus reminds of natural justice; of the unavoidable need for timely, practical toil and ruthless common sense if physical health and sustainability are to be attained. Crack on and work hard to integrate the best of the limitless possibilities, spun by a dangerously enchanting combination of Mercury and Neptune in Pisces, into evolving structures.  Beware the misleading powers of all light-backed images, which are encouraging over-idealism and escapism, raising unrealistic hopes and inciting evangelical beliefs in heavenly possibilities and infinite connectivity. The subtle influence of Venus, Saturn and Pluto suggests that a time has come when dreams must meet the both the demands and the limitations of the real world.  


spring equinox 2019



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