Summer Solstice Chart 2019

Summer Solstice 21st June 2019 16:54 BST
The Sun moves into Cancer to bring the winter solstice’s potential to fruition. Mercury and Mars, already resident in this sign, will empower souls in search of a meaningful sense of belonging to strongly identify with a place or tribe but their opposition to Saturn and Pluto is an indication that an established authority’s imposition of laws, barriers and boundaries could create simmering frustration and disappointment, if they conspire to inhibit rather than channel powerful emotional needs. The tides of history roll on; lessons must be learned and the past left behind. Solstice ruler, the Moon, has just passed its fullness and sits in Saturn ruled Aquarius, strengthening the voice of the collective and of rationality in this volatile time. It takes over the baton of spring equinox Venus in holding the key to integrating the desire for freedom and democracy into evolving structures. Venus itself has travelled to Gemini to enhance the attraction of far flung alliances and oil the wheels of all kinds of encounters. Too much oil makes for dangerous slipperiness though! An over-idealistic longing can be the prelude to a painful come-down. Expectations can be unrealistic. Generosity and indulgent expenses must be curtailed. Dig your heels in to avoid getting swept away. Keep a cool head on your shoulders.


Summer Solstice Chart 2019


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