Winter Solstice Chart 2018

Winter Solstice 21st December 22:22 GMT
The Sun moves into Capricorn to join forces with resident Pluto and solstice ruler Saturn in sounding the root chord from which the year’s events develop.  Though its friendly aspect to Uranus implies the latter’s revolutionary ethos, which has ignited upheaval since 2011, can now be integrated more smoothly into the foundational structures on which we are based, its subtle, more challenging aspect to Scorpio Venus indicates that such change will not be accomplished without the arousal of intense passions. The waxing Gemini Moon tells of confusion and anxiety in the face of multiple options but the quarter’s first new Moon, a solar eclipse that conjuncts Saturn, will bring forcible reminders that lines must be drawn, that security matters; so too do responsibilities, debts and duties. Saturn’s closest aspect, an almost exact semi-sextile to an exact Sagittarian conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter, raises many questions about how the latters’ long range visions and moral philosophies can be accommodated within new fundamental structures. Their desire to travel and speculate freely may not appreciate limitation but compromises are called for. Infectious emotional tides and images of inclusivity may inform developments with either loving compassion or deluded brainwashing. Individuals must question their ethos and choose their own guiding light within what could be disorientating halls of mirrors.





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