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The phase of the Moon on the day you were born was FULL MOON. Here's an interpretation of the Full Moon Phase - just for you!

The Moon shines bright in fullness; it rises exactly at sunset and shines all night, bathing the endarkened landscape in its silver light so that revelers at full Moon celebrations can see their way home again. The cycle that began at the new Moon has now reached culmination, the Moon’s tides and powers of growth are at a peak. The dark is illuminated and you are able to bring consciousness to bear on the hidden dimensions of life.
Culmination and extremity describe your nature. You experience powerful emotions and are, in your own unique way, extremely creative. The Moon and Sun occupy opposite signs of the Zodiac and so unusual stress is placed both on one particular quality [cardinal, fixed or mutable] and on one particular polarity [positive fire and air or negative earth and water] in your character. They form a strongly magnetic axis, across which you naturally tend to veer from one pole to the other, being pulled between your conscious wants and your instinctive needs and between your outer and inner lives. Your moods and behaviour reflect this.
Full Moon folk frequently first experience this polarity in their experience of their parents, identifying more strongly with their father [Sun] or their mother [Moon]. The two sides must be brought together in harmony; the balance must be found in a worldly expression that synthesises the opposition. Learn to bear opposites in consciousness, uncomfortable though it may be, for that is the seed of creativity and your foundation for success. The Sun and the Moon must marry if the Philosophers’ Stone is to be found.
Self reflection is the key; awareness and consciousness grow from it. You are a wise soul who is able to see the wider perspective from which you develop your own understanding of the meaning of life. Once you gain that understanding, you will acquire the magnetic personality that, like a priest or priestess of old enables you to guide the traveler in the dark!
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