Moon in Libra

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You have Moon in Libra. Here's an interpretation of your Libra Moon.

The sign occupied by the Moon at your time of birth is an indicator of your emotional and physical nature. It describes your unconscious, instinctive reactions, what is innate, perhaps inherited from your mother or reflected in the feminine dimension of your life. It tells us what kind of experience you need in order to feel emotionally satisfied.

Libra is one of the air signs, signs of the mind and of communication. With the Moon in this sign, your primary need is that of harmonious relationships, not just with people but between all things in your environment. You will literally feel very uncomfortable when faced with ugliness and discordance on any level, whether it be a bad atmosphere between people, clashing colour schemes or pictures hanging crookedly on a wall! You’ve just got to get in there and sort it out, using your innate charm, your diplomatic skills and your undoubtedly well developed aesthetic sense. You have a natural sense of fairness and proportion, being able to assess relationship with an acute sensitivity and this good taste inclines you towards a fine appreciation of music, literature and the fine arts.

You’re a pleasure to be with, a seemingly easy going companion. “peace at any price” is your motto – the trouble is that you often put up and shut up too often, for fear of upsetting the applecart and causing a row, with the result that you end up feeling ignored, used and abused! But it is through your social relationships that you will find the opportunities to get your needs fulfilled, in your case it is definitely a case of who rather than what you know mattering. Being in a relationship of some sort is vital to your emotional well being. You can find decision making very difficult if you have no one to bounce your ideas and feelings off and you really do not like the feeling of emptiness or purposelessness that creeps upon you if you have no partner. Concern for the other is a strong motivation in you and when you come across injustice, your fighting spirit is well and truly aroused. In fact you find it easier to be assertive on behalf of another person or a cause like fair trade, than you do on behalf of yourself.

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