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The Moon Phase on the day you were born was WANING CRESCENT MOON. Here's an interpretation of the Waning Crescent Moon Personality - just for you!

The waning Moon grows smaller until it's just a sliver of silver in the predawn sky and then …. Darkness. And into that magical, liminal in-between space, you were born, creature of the Dark Moon. This is not a lifetime within which to pursue worldly ambitions; it is one of winding up unfinished business that some might call karmic cleansing. Let no resentments fester; let no grudges linger. Many intense situations will feature in your life that, hard though it may be, force you to speak your inner truth but you will discover that ruthless compassion will transform the most negative of emotions and bring healing. After all “balsamic” means healing.

What others perceive of you is not necessarily what they get; like an iceberg, there is always much more going on underneath than what shows on your surface. You will learn how to give folks what they want in order that they will leave this deeper part of you in peace. You feel different and apart and not really in the swim with all the rest.

It’s all too easy for others to project the shadow onto you so that you find yourself frequently scapegoated and carrying the guilt or blame. But you are not to blame and will not be abandoned by higher forces. Even though you may often feel ignored or victimised, you are not invisible or weak, just very subtle and good at shape shifting! You are in fact, extremely sensitive and empathetic, easily tuning in to collective moods and the feelings of others so that too much exposure to the electrical excitements of the outer world can actually make you feel ill.

Develop your psychic attunement and meditative skills and you will empower your ability to discern the future – after all, you are the closest to its beginning at the new Moon. You have a natural feel for what is about to come to pass but may find it difficult to become objective enough to translate subtle feelings and hunches into words.

You are able to extract the key meaning from all situations and distill it into its wisdom essence. You can then transfer this awareness and consciousness in others to live beyond this physical life. Your commitment is to the future. Its vibrations are already coming through you and the transmission of its essential knowledge is your purpose.
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