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The Moon Phase on the day you were born was WANING GIBBOUS. Here's an interpretation of the Waning Gibbous Personality - just for you!

The Moon’s tides of growth have passed their peak and are beginning to weaken. Focus is just beginning to turn from the building tide of the new Moon to the dissemination of its fruition. You have a foot in both camps. You have an innate confidence in who you are and take pride in your skills and abilities. You thrive on appreciation; it’s like fuel to your fire.
You make a lasting impression on those you make contact with and they tend to defer to you. But you must guard against self-centeredness and start to think collective rather than personal. The challenge you face is that of discovering the appropriate way in which you can use your innate strengths to the benefit of others. There is something you possess that must be passed on and communicated. A clue as to the nature of your special gift may lie within your Moon sign or within the sign of the new Moon preceding your birth, but whatever it is, you must begin the process of its dispersal into the wider society.
To that end you may find the role of writer, speaker or teacher rewarding and you could also enjoy working with younger folks but be aware that you have a tendency to identify too greatly with whatever it is that you offer and with whomsoever you offer it to. Once you have given the message, let go and know that you have planted the seed and passed the torch. It is now up to the receiver to take the responsibility for the gift of knowledge that has been imparted to them.
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