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The Moon Phase on the day you were born was WANING HALF MOON. Here's an interpretation of the Waning Half Moon Personality - just for you!

The waning half Moon is truly the Queen of the Night, rising around midnight to illuminate the darkest of times. This is the time of the fastest decrease in its physical size and so its energy is correspondingly dynamic when it comes to letting go and breaking down rather than the building up of the waxing Moon, but this isn’t to say you can’t create, rather that your creations emerge from the friction of letting go of the old. You show others, and society at large, how to churn and compost what’s dead and make space for the new.

This phase often occupies a sign of the Zodiac that shares the same quality [Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable} as its preceding full and new Moons, so that quality is sure to be dominant within your personality and to create plenty of inner conflict and tension about ways and means of expression. Its strengths and its weaknesses are your greatest strength and your greatest weakness. You may be overly busy, stubborn or flexible – the challenges and opportunities created by this dominance are the key to both your personal growth and to the nature of what must be surrendered and how this could best happen. Dying to your Ego is the unconscious drive of this phase. You are moving over the threshold into the mysteries of the dark, from conscious choice and control into no control at all! If you are constantly forced to do things you would rather not, then this is that lesson in operation.

You may bemoan your lack of clarity or assertiveness but willingly or not, you are learning about responsiveness and co-operation. Periods of solitude, in meditation or retreat, will bring peace and contentment. Outer demands and inner needs must be carefully balanced so that these different aspects of your life are brought into harmony. You need more than average amounts of sleep and it will help your development if you actively study a tried and tested curriculum for exploring the Dark. If you were to keep a dream journal or study psychology or astrology, then these pathways can give you a language to understand the unfolding of your story, which can bring what is in the dark of the unconscious to the light of understanding. And that, for you, is what it’s all about!
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