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The Moon Phase on the day you were born was WAXING CRESCENT. Here's an interpretation of the Waxing Crescent Personality - just for you!

The Moon’s silver crescent hangs alluringly in the evening sky. A greater distance is opening up between it and the Sun, and so Self awareness is growing. The first understandings of conscious choice surface even though instinctive feelings and the enthusiasms of the moment may still occupy the driving seat!
The new Moon before your birth has quickened a certain consciousness and your challenge lies in becoming independent of past belief systems and attitudes in order to formulate the new theories and concepts that will clarify your deepest instinctual hunches so that they can inform future directions.
You have a stimulating eccentricity and spring-like naivety or openness. Other people may be threatened by your independence and see you as a bit of a rebel but you have the ability to see things afresh and then to shape their nebulous possibilities into sensible, workable plans and goals. But like a toddler learning to walk, you are at the stage of realizing that the impulse needs direction, control and support if it is to manifest usefully.
Opportunities will open up that enable you to develop talents in organisation and planning. Your curiosity about people and ideas is strong, you enjoy people watching and you may have an active social life. You benefit through acting with and for clearly defined groups of people and for political organisations. With and through them you will develop confidence in expressing your Self and consequently learn how that nascent sense of Self integrates into a bigger picture.
Don’t be intimidated by folks that get frustrated by your need to question and understand the structure and rationale of any operation you are a part of. It is your cosmic task after all!

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