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The Moon Phase on the day you were born was WAXING GIBBOUS. Here's an interpretation of the Waxing Gibbous Personality - just for you!

The Moon approaches fullness; natural forces of growth are approaching their culmination. You are becoming fully aware of yourself as a unique, beautiful soul who has a part to play in the greater scheme of things. Your unique gifts are out in the open for all to see and appreciate and your life holds a strong possibility of being very comfortable. But avoid coasting. Pay attention to that disquieting sense of “if not now, when?” that is likely to permeate the deepest depths of your being. Your eyes must be future orientated towards what is still possible if you are to do full justice to those abilities. Take yourself seriously. Resist the temptation to lazily sit on your laurels simply enjoying the benefits and riches of your life.
If you wish to feel that your life has real value, growing your innate abilities to maximize your innate potential should be one priority; another should be ensuring that you have the right conditions around you to feed that creative development. As you question and become more self aware, you will be forced to make influential, life determining choices that might go against the dictates of your past instincts and education but lead eventually to your further growth.
It is possible that you maybe forced to choose between pathways representing, in some respect, the difference you perceived between your father and your mother. Certainly you will become familiar with an internal tension between your conscious wants and your instinctive needs. Learn to hold the horns of such dilemmas in consciousness so that a third, mediating synthesis can appear – that way lies a growth in consciousness, which is what your life should be all about!
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