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The Moon Phase on the day you were born was WAXING HALF MOON. Here's an interpretation of the Waxing Half Moon Personality - just for you!

The waxing half-Moon rises at noon and sets around midnight. This is the time of the fastest increase in its physical size and so its energy is correspondingly active and dynamic. Ancient druids considered that this was the most auspicious time of the month in which to work their magics. Anything that begins now is latching on to the strongest lunar tides of growth. You may be overly busy, stubborn or flexible – but whatever your soul path, the challenges and opportunities created by this dominance are the key to your personal growth and development.
You may feel your life is characterized by crises that you either find yourself in, or situations that become crises by the way you handle them. Make a conscious effort to reflect and learn. Constant mental and/or physical movement is your natural state as you carry out your cosmic task of actually manifesting the first signs of something new. You are born to take the initiative and to be always on the go. Inner restless and dissatisfaction are as much your motivators as enthusiasm and desire. Learn to work with the tension, and allow it to keep you on a forward path of growth. You will live with a lot of drama, and a feeling that there’s never any peace. Through trial and error, you gain confidence in your own ability to push through resistance in an effective way so that your talents and abilities make a visible impact. You don’t like to be ignored!
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