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Moon Calendar 2014

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We're proud to present our Moon Calendars and Moon Diaries for 2014.
We design our own unique lunar calendars and moon diaries which follow the seasons of the year and include stunning illustrations of sacred sites in the moonlight.

All our lunar calendars and diaries show the Moon's phase for each day. We also sell a selection of unique gifts. Join us on a journey through the seasons of the year, observing the cycles of the Sun, the Moon and the seasons of the earth.


Astrology Moon Diary
The ultimate Astro Moon Diary 2014 showing the Moon's phase for each day with the exact date and time for full and new Moons. Full of art, photography and writings that follow the seasons of the year. Read more…

Moon Calendar
Astro Moon Calendar 2014 - in its stunning circular format giving you the space to write daily appointments and showing all the moon phases and lunar information for the year.

Lunar Pocket Planner
The Lunar Pocket Planner 2014 - a stunning calendar showing the daily lunar phase. Includes lunar articles what to look out for in the night sky and stunning illustrations of Avebury. Month-at-a-glance format. Read more...

Mini Moon Calendar
The Mini Moon Calendar 2014. A handy credit card sized calendar that opens out to reveal all the Moon phases and lunar information for the year, month by month! Read more...

Moon Calendar
The Moon Calendar Poster 2014 shows all the Moon phases for the whole year at a glance. Read more...

Lunar Wall Planner
The Lunar Wall Planner 2014 beautifully illustrates the Moon’s phase and path throughout the year. Provides a lunar background for all your plans. Year-at-a-glance format. Read more...

Astrology Card
This stunning range of Astrology Cards come with a fridge magnet for each sign.

Astrology Bookmarks
Handy Astrology bookmarks depicting each sign and constellation - with information about each sign. Beautiful designs with silver embossed details.

Winter Solstice Cards
A range of five gorgeous Winter Solstice Cards to celebrate the yule festival.

Winter Solstice Cards
Avebury Selection - Winter Solstice Cards

Fantasy Cards
Our range of Fantasy Cards all come from original drawings and paintings.

wendy andrew
Wendy Andrew's gorgeous Luna Hare Book and Goddess Wheel

wendy andrew cards


Beautiful greeting cards from Wendy Andrew

Astro Dice
Astrodice consists of three dice: one for the planets, one for the Zodiac Signs and one for the Houses. "Astrology in the palm of your hand"

Astrology Sign Mugs
Astrology Sign Mugs - hand thrown stoneware mugs.

Planispheres - locate night sky objects