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What follows are some light-hearted suggestions as to how you could use the energy of the Moon passing through the different signs of the zodiac. The Moon takes approximately 28 days to transit all the signs spending nearly two and a half days in each. The effects are short-lived and quite subtle. If you know your birth chart, you will probably notice a stronger effect by observing how you feel as the Moon transits your natal and progressed planets and houses over the course of the month. For example if you have Aries in the 4th house, the Moon's personal effect for you, would have similarities to the general description of the Moon in Cancer.

When the Moon is in Aries, anger and assertion are more likely to be expressed openly over these two days but it's a quick flare-up and things will soon settle down. You won't feel like compromising. It's also a good time for starting things off and putting energy into going after your own personal goals. You might feel more competitive than usual and it's easy to step on other people's toes at this time. Be careful not to rush into things you might regret later, Aries can be very impulsive.

With the Moon in Taurus it's a good time for shopping and indulgence. Buy yourself a new CD, perfume, flowers and fruit! If you can, spend some time in the country breathing clean air, and appreciating the beauties of Mother Nature. If you're in a city go to the park and sit on the grass. At home, put your feet up, put on your new album, light some candles and have a long bath scented with aromatherapy oils. (Especially those ruled by Venus such as Ylang Ylang or Rose). Indulge in some good food, and gentle, sensual massage with your lover.

With the Moon in Gemini get up early, listen to the news, buy a couple of papers and get out of the house. This is a good day for travelling about and visiting people you haven't seen for a while. If you can't actually meet up, then email or phone your friends, family, colleagues. If you're at work it can be a good day for meetings but be careful that you don't get so bogged down by so much information that you lose sight of the bigger picture. You might want to get a new book and spend the evening on the internet.

Don't go anywhere today if you can possibly avoid it. Have a nice day at home making your personal space your sanctuary. Cook a wonderful meal and gather your family round. Looking after children or elderly relatives would be good things to do today. Otherwise you might just want to work through some of your feelings which you didn't have time to deal with before. These days are good for some rest and recuperation and TLC for yourself and those closest to you.

With the Moon in Leo you have the opportunity to celebrate yourself. You are special and unique (we all are!) Wear that outfit that announces to the world that you're a star. If you haven't got that outfit yet - go out and get it. It's a good time to have a party, or go to the theatre. Children and the inner child are important for these days as Leo likes to play. You could go to Legoland or Alton Towers and have some fun. Leo is the sign of creativity and love affairs so go for it now.

Doing some useful work is the best way to use the energy of the Moon in Virgo. It might be studying, writing that report you've been meaning to get down to, organising your office, tidying your home or doing the garden. Anything that needs sorting out should be done today when you will get satisfaction from it and it won't feel like such a chore. If you know anyone who could do with a helping hand then this is the time to go to their assistance. It's also a good time to improve your health - these two days would be good for a monthly detox or you could go to the gym, or health club.

These two days are for you and your partner or friends to get together and spend some quality time with each other. If there has been any strife, this is a good time to bring harmony back to the situation. You are more able to understand each other's point of view right now. Pleasant conversation and lively discussions are both likely today as testing the validity of ideas is part of the balancing energy of Libra. Generally it's a good time to socialise in beautiful, environments, playing or listening to music, dancing, reading poetry aloud, or visiting an art gallery together.

If you've been sitting on any negative feelings, then the Moon in Scorpio will bring these to the forefront and give you that extra impetus to confront them. Deep, hidden issues come up around this time and when we really examine them and feel them to the full, they lose their hold over us. It's better to spend these two days quietly working through our own stuff. If you have to go out, be aware that it's easier to project negativity onto others rather than dealing with it ourselves so be careful not to become a target or to pick on anyone unjustifiably. If you're in any kind of therapy, make your appointments for these days.

Jump out of bed and go for a long run before getting on your bike and cycling to work. Get those legs working! If you can take the day off, you might like to get a day return somewhere you haven't been before, just to see what it's like. If you can't get away, then it's a good day to expand your mind by studying some philosophical ideas or religious beliefs. You might like to go to a museum or library and check out some heavy tomes! In the evening you'll probably feel like going out for a curry, a Thai or Chinese and a few drinks. The tendency will be to overdo it on all levels. You might stay up too late and wake up with a hangover. Never mind, take a few Paracetamol and carry on tomorrow - life's too short.

This is when the Paracetamol stops working and you realise it's payback time. The good times can't last forever and there are bills to be paid. The serious side of life is to the fore over the next couple of days. Where have you been ducking your responsibilities? This is the time to get everything sorted out and settled before things get out of hand. Time to set some boundaries for yourself and others to make sure that everyone is clear about what's expected. Career figures prominently - your place in the world needs to be maintained and it's only by hard work, thoroughly carried out that you can stay at the top of your game.

How do you do your bit for society? Is it by raising your and others' awareness of issues such as global warming, the energy crisis, economics and the third world? Do you try to behave more ethically by not driving to the supermarket, buying organic products or walking the children to school? It's a good time to think about how your personal choices affect society and humanity as a whole. You could spend time with your group of friends discussing how you can work together support each other and the wider world by bringing in change. If we all do something we can make a difference.

This is a duvet day. Sleep late and write down your dreams - if you can find a pen and paper that is. Otherwise just go back to sleep, turn off your mobile, your phone and retreat into your inner world. It's only by listening to our dreams that we find out who we might be. If you're suffering and in pain today, you can develop compassion and empathy for all those in a similar or worse situation. Maybe this will give you the impetus to do something to help them. If you can get up and you're not too disappointed by the sad state of real world, going to a film or the sea is a good thing to do today. Don't worry if you don't achieve a lot in the outside world, whatever you do, it will never be enough and the moon moves into Aries soon...

by Suze - a brilliant astrologer and great friend now sadly missed but still living on.....


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