Our Contributors

Tchenka Sunderland

Tchenka writes every year for our Moon Diary and Moon Calendar. We have known her for over twenty five years and she is a dear personal friend and inspiration in our lives. She has been the constant ‘Standing Stone of Saturnian Stability’ in Astrocal’s journey over the past 20 years.

“Thirty five years I’ve had my head in the stars! After years of consulting, teaching, broadcasting and writing, my current work involves in-depth study of nature’s seasonal processes, examining the physical properties of ruling planets, their metals and herbs, and looking more closely at the season’s traditional customs. A “perennial philosophy” has emerged that suggests that those characteristics endowed by our astrological inheritance are our own personal experience and expression of natural forces that operate all the time in this world Below. The birth chart then becomes a description of our fundamental “leaden” Nature and it becomes our life task to apply our consciousness towards manifesting its highest potential here on the earth – to be the gold!”

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2023 Contributors

Jeannine van Dun, DF Astrol.S Astrologer

Teacher, counsellor and mental health social worker, with a special love of finding creative ways of exploring the birthchart.

Freya Davies

A hedgerow-herbalist connecting with plants and the landscape of the Wye Valley through the seasons.

Jill Smith

Artist and writer, who was once a ceremonial, ritual performance artist. She has made several major landscape journeys and now lives in the Hebrides. Her latest book is: The Gypsy Switch and Other Ritual Journeys www.jill-smith.co.uk

Wendy Andrew

Paintings inspired by the ancient mysteries that are wrapped in the turning of the seasons, and the voice of  The Goddess whispering through the mythical realms. www.paintingdreams.co.uk

Rachel Blackwell

Her whimsical paintings spring from the enchanted realm of the imagination, inspired by the mystical wilderness of rural Britain. www.EtherealEarth.co.uk

Tanya Hinton

Unique and unusual paintings of creatures in oil on weathered wood and driftwood. www.tanyahinton.co.uk

Nick Andrew

His gestural and colourist work is predominantly inspired by the life and vitality of the river and landscape close to his studio. www.nickandrew.co.uk

Ruth Eggins

Inspired by walking the coastline and swimming in the sea that surrounds her home to be creative both with words and images. www.wildwriter.co.uk

Geraldine Lambert

Artist and illustrator inspired by magical & visionary themes including the spirit of nature. www.geraldinelambert.net

Samantha Foreman

Artist, healer, bee keeper and animal lover, living in Surrey. www.creationfertility.com

Annie Batten

Trained environmental scientist with an artist’s heart and a rambler’s gaze. She is rediscovering the delights of mono-printing.

Susie Laverty

Chinese brush painter, encaustic artist, clairvoyant and healer living in Hampshire.

Diana Milstein

Created 90 images of Miss Smith, a little old lady who embraces the magic in life. www.misssmithart.co.uk

Rob Rowe

Photographer of Dorset and beyond. www.robrowe.net