What is a Supermoon?

The next Supermoon is on 3 December 2017
The full Moon is during the afternoon of the 3rd and is at 11˚ 40" Gemini. She will rise at 16:21 and set at 06:58 (London times).

The Moon will look really big and bright on both nights of the 2/3 December. Even though she is about 7% bigger than a usual full Moon this won’t be very noticeable - however the brightness will be!

So wrap up warm and get out and bathe in the Super Moonlight for the next couple of nights!  Look out at sunset when the full Moon rises as she looks even bigger and more maginificent when she's on the horizon. Enjoy!

This is the last of three Supermoons we've had this year!

What happens on a Supermoon?
The Supermoon occurs when the Moon is full at the same time as her orbit is closest to the Earth. 

What is a Supermoon

The combination of a full Moon and the close approach will mean that the Moon will appear bigger and brighter than usual. Supermoons occur roughly every 13 months.

The Supermoon may look 7% larger than our usual full Moon and can be about 16% brighter. The Supermoon is especially bigger and brighter in the winter* when the Earth is closer to the Sun and the gravitational pull of the Sun pulls the Moon closer to Earth. Thus, the winter Supermoons look bigger and brighter than the summer ones*. 

The opposite of the Supermoon is the Micromoon or Minimoon - when the Moon is at her furthest point from the Earth - she may look 7% smaller than the usual full Moon.

Supermoon's also bring high tides over the few days arround the Full Moon.

* northern hemisphere




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