New Moon Wishes

Stating your dreams, conscious goals or strong intentions at the New Moon helps you become clear about what you WANT TO CREATE and to align yourself in that direction. It is important to write these down at the time of the New Moon.

For centuries, farmers have used the cycles of the Moon to determine the best times to sow and harvest their plants. Timing is very important. The New Moon energy promotes strong new beginnings and good growth.  A potent time for stimulating new beginnings in our lives.  By being clear about what we’d like to harvest and by planting our metaphorical seeds at the right time, we can manifest our dreams. We reap what we sow.

It's not about making things happen
Wishing evokes surrender and does not require will power.  It is important to accept our reality as it is and then use the magnetic power of receptivity to attract our desires to us.  This process is heart and feeling based so once you've written your wish down, check in with your intuition to assess whether it feels right.  If something doesn’t feel right, change the wording or maybe change the wish altogether until you feel a sense of inner peace. If you find that a wish does not materialise, reflect on whether your wish serves the higher good and supports the best outcome.  It might also be that other changes have to occur before your wish can come true.  Be patient, some wishes may take longer than others to manifest.


I have been working with New Moon wishes for a number of years and I absolutely love it. The power of manisfestation is amazing.  I would highly recommend giving it a go. It's fascinating to look back on your year's wishes and see how far they've manifested.


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