Autumn Equinox

The Sun enters Libra.

The second point of balance within the year is reached. In a mirror image of the spring equinox, it is now the encroaching forces of darkness that are in the ascendant. At this time, they have risen to equality with the declining light and will very soon overwhelm it, so that during the next six months, the hours of darkness will outnumber those of daylight. On this threshold of winter, the leaves lose their green and start to show their autumn colours in the softer light. The shadows grow longer by the day while equinoctial gales disperse last year’s seeds, testifying to the fact that the atmosphere is changing. 

We have reaped what we have sown; thankful people still raise the song of harvest home at Harvest festivals in most churches, acknowledging the fact that we should give thanks to forces beyond our control for much of the abundance in our lives. From here on we need to look beyond self determined activities to our relationship with the rest of society and beyond. Our survival through the dark times may well depend on it. Make conscious preparations for the winter as we stand at its gateway. Reflect on memories and feelings of the warm summer days and consciously acknowledge your achievements. Make jam, wine or chutney from the harvest’s gifts that will carry you through the dark; order fuel, insulate the doors or even invest in some thermal underwear. Prepare yourself to turn inwards and to explore the Mysteries.

Autumn equinox


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