The yang-like, energising fires of the still strengthening Sun warm the air and empower the yin-like, green world to grow, to open up and spread herself luxuriously under its warming rays. The promise of the Equinox is fulfilled now, at this threshold of summer. Beauty is all around. The countryside is adorned with flowers, like a bride on her wedding day and the abundance of fresh new leaves provides ample nourishment for livestock, wild creatures and their young families. The land is alive once more and is providing abundantly of its riches. Life flourishes.

It is time to dance in celebration of the fertility of the earth. The May Queen and the Green Man epitomised the sacred marriage between earth and sky, which, in the past, had been consummated by many amidst the fields and woods during the earliest hours of the day as they gathered may blossom and searched for the phallic pole around which they would later dance. Though few of us have the chance these days to experience dancing around the Maypole, we can still make a May garland to celebrate and invoke fertility. Tie two willow hoops together, at right angles to each other and decorate the resulting globe with may blossom, other wild flowers, greenery and ribbons. Suspend a small doll within the circles to represent the earth mother and fix it on a pole or hang it from a convenient branch where it will serve to gladden the eye and warm the heart.



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