What was born at the solstice now begins to manifest. Celebrate the growing of the infant Sun, for although this may be the leanest and coldest time, the days are very noticeably lengthening. The vital currents of life, buried deep within the soil, are stirred from their winter dormancy and their waters begin to flow. The virgin earth awakes and offers snowdrops, crocuses, primroses for our delight. Birds begin to sing their mating songs from branches veiled in the most subtle shimmer of green. First lambs are born; warm ewe’s milk must have been welcomed by our ancestors as the first fresh food available after months of eating stored food.

It is time to honour the fertility of the earth and to create a symbolic resting place for it in our own lives. Our Celtic ancestors would have made a bed, decorated with plaited rush crosses, for the goddess Brigit, and would have left by it offerings of food and drink. This is the time of individuation when we begin to shine our own light, when the unique gifts we have to offer the world begin to manifest.  It is time to cleanse and ask for blessings on all our creative activities. Visit Holy Wells and drink holy water. Gather with friends; share your creative work and your future plans. Light individual candles from a central flame, spreading the light of the Source into individual beacons of inspiration that you will nurture over the year to come.



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