The rapidly encroaching forces of endarkenment bring death to the green world, an end to its upward and outward growth and a withdrawal into the darkness of the earth. The sap sinks, the last of the leaves fall, the fields lie barren and rainwater begins the process of decomposition that will return vital nourishment from vegetation into the soil. This is the time of blood, when animals were brought in from pasture and those that could not be fed over the winter, were slaughtered, so their blood too gave life back to the soil. All that cannot be carried over is relinquished. Life is pared down to the bone and the customary bon[e]fires affirm the power of the life-giving spirit to survive in spite of its superficial demise. If possible, clear the clutter from your cupboards and feed it to the sacred flame.

The veil between the worlds is at its thinnest and ghosts and goblins are said to walk the land, playing tricks on arrogant souls to remind them of the invisible forces beyond their ken. It is traditional to remember, honour and perhaps contact the ancestors - those who have already passed over the river into the land of shadows. Reflect on your inheritance; acknowledge their experience and wisdom. It is said to be the most potent night of the year for meaningful dreaming and for divination. Go gently into the night, for therein lies the greatest mystery of all – that of the miracle of rebirth. Surrender so that you may receive.



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