Spring Equinox

The Sun enters Aries.

The lengthening hours of daylight have reached parity with the decreasing hours of darkness and now the day and night each last for twelve hours. They are in perfect balance for a short while. But the unstoppable advance of the Sun must soon triumph. The darkness must give way to the first day of spring; a time of resurrection that is celebrated in one guise or another over most of the northern hemisphere. The chains of winter have been broken and the whole of Nature leaps for joy! Our faith in life is confirmed. In response to the increased hours of energising sunlight, growth in the green world accelerates. Marvel at the energy exhibited on every hedgerow as myriads of tightly curled buds literally burst forth into new life; revel in the rainbow of coloured flowers and take delight in the exuberant springy frolics of young lambs. Nature is re-animated with the creative spirit which is energetically reaching upwards into the sky. It just can’t wait!

Hens are beginning to lay productively and their eggs cross culturally carry the symbolism of rebirth, re-creation and immortality. Rather than buying a chocolate version, take time to paint a special egg with symbols of the seed you hope will grow over the summer months. Then take it to a local hill and roll it down, mimicking the turning of the Wheel of the Year. Let the strength of your wishes be the spur to its progress. Then take it home along with some palms of catkin-bearing willow and enjoy freshly made pancakes!

Spring Equinox


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