Summer Solstice

The Sun enters Cancer.

At this peak of solar year the Sun has climbed to its highest declination in the sky and rises at the northern most point of its annual pilgrimage. These are the longest days with the shortest shadows. The Sun triumphs! Drawn by its insistent power, the waters within the green world have surged to their height and are producing the first hard green fruits - the children of earth and heavens’ marriage. A time of light’s culmination but also the time of death’s birth. The wheel turns now and the Sun‘s power starts to wane as it retraces its steps southwards. Within these few days, during which the Sun stands still and time seems to stop, the forces of darkness are born, forces that will grow from now until the winter solstice. Each night will be longer; each day will be shorter.

So be outside as long as possible today in order to fully appreciate and celebrate the gift of the light. Pick a bunch of roses to fully revel in summer’s fertility and beauty. Rise early enough to watch the Sun’s dawning in the north-east and meditate on its dying light in the north-west after sunset. That luminosity on the horizon may never totally disappear. If you can enjoy either spectacle at an ancient stone circle, you may be blessed with an insight into the reason for the stones’ placement. Take a journey to a special place. Gather with friends around a bonfire. Picnic and party. Celebrate all that has grown in your life since the winter solstice

Summer Solstice


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