Winter Solstice

The Sun enters Capricorn.

Silent night. Holy night. Make a special effort to clear this night of activities so that you can sit quietly and consciously experience the magically potent atmosphere of this, the most important turning point of the Wheel of the Year – the timeless space between Death and Rebirth. This, the longest night, gives evidence that the encroaching powers of darkness have reached their peak and that the Sun has reached the end of its southerly progress. Wait and hope. It is into this barren, timeless void, when green life has, for the most part, withdrawn from the surface that life’s creative fires are reborn. The oak king lives. Imagine that the low lying Sun is kissing the green world awake so that over the months to come she will arise and follow him up into sky.

Express trust in life’s survival by bringing in ever-greens and encourage the new birth by decorating the space with candles, baubles and tinsel, anything that catches and reflects the light. Enjoy a feast of the fruits of last year’s labour but then let the past die and look forward. Listen to the stirrings within the deepest darkest recesses of your body that want to grow and show themselves in the light. Dream a new dream. Focus on the flames released by burning wood, honouring the fires of life that animate all growing things. Powder the ashes, sprinkle a little in water and drink … your dreams will take root … and will grow.

Winter Solstice


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