Moon Diary

MOON DIARY 2024, unbound


Exactly the same content as our spiro bound Astro MOON DIARY but pages are unbound and hole punched so they fit our Diary Folder.

Ringbinder Diary Folder

We’ve designed a folder especially to hold our hole punched Astro MOON DIARY.  Our Diary Folders are made in the UK from Oxford Library Buckram (stiff cotton cloth with a loose weave) which makes them highly durable and are more robust than the original blue cloth folders. They have a wrap around design with a magnet that keeps the folder shut. Aubergine in colour, they look fantastic with the silver embossed foil design. The ringbinder has two rings and holds paper that is hole punched with a standard hole puncher which means you can add your own pages. The folder measures 15.5cm x 19cm x 3cm, weighs 160g and gives good protection.

Use the folder year after year and buy the diary refill.

Check out the Astro MOON DIARY.

Which Diary Folder do you have?

Our original blue folders had 4 rings and our aubergine folders have 2 rings so we’ve had 6 holes punched in each diary so it will fit either.


This folder will only hold our hole punched Astro MOON DIARY. Our wirobound Astro MOON DIARY will NOT fit this folder as it has its own binding.

Additional Information

MaterialOxford Library Buckram
Unbound DiarySix holes punched to fit both the 4 ring folder and 2 ring folder
Measurement15.5cm x 19cm x 3cm