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Astro MOON DIARY 2024

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Beautifully designed, clear and concise Moon Diary. Absolutely packed with lunar and astrological information for 2024.

Come on a journey through the seasons of the year celebrating the Sun, the Moon and the planets.

This is our UK Moon Diary. Here is our USA Moon Diary.

This beautifully designed, clear and concise Moon Diary is absolutely packed with all the lunar and astrological information for 2024. Suitable for those just interested in the Moon and her cycle as well as professional astrologers. The diary celebrates the eight fire festivals throughout the year observing nature through the seasons. Its innovative astrological forecasts and wealth of astronomical information makes this diary perfect for anyone wanting to live in harmony with the rhythms and cycles of Nature. An educational and informative treasure trove.

Wheel of the Year

Throughout the diary, we honour and celebrate nature’s seasonal cycle and the eight fire festivals. Observing the ebb and flow of the solar cycle helps us stay connected and in tune with the natural rhythms of life.

Astrological Wisdom

We love to weave astrological wisdom with the natural world and notice what is happening in nature as we move through the zodiac and the seasons of the year. Tchenka’s lyrical writing brings the heavenly dance to life. An understanding of the dynamic of the starry template can help us respond creatively to events happening in the world around us.

Limited Edition

We only do one print run so please order now to avoid disappointment. We’re a small company who do not over print so we avoid waste.

New Moon Wishes

New Moon is a powerful time to state your dreams, your conscious goals and strong intentions. This process helps you to become clear about what you want to manifest. We’ve been working with New Moon wishes for years and have now created our lives based on them! Our Moon Diary provides space for you to write your wishes at every New Moon. It’s fascinating to look back over the year to see the manifestation process unfold. Here is an article on New Moon Wishes.

We highlight what to look for in the night sky:

  • New, half & full Moon dates & times
  • Eclipses
  • Shooting stars
  • Planets visible
  • Planets near the Moon
  • SuperMoons
  • Earthshine
  • Ascending & descending Moon
  • Daily Sun & Moon rise/set times

Astrology includes:

  • Daily Moon phase & sign
  • Monthly planetary forecast
  • Sun sign forecast
  • The year ahead
  • Equinox & solstice charts
  • Mercury retrograde
  • Retrograde table
  • Ingresses & aspects
  • Void of course
  • Full ephemeris


Astrology written by the amazing Tchenka Sunderland, with articles by Lisa Goodwin, Freya Davies and Jeannine van Dun.

Artwork by Wendy Andrew, Jill Smith, Rachel Blackwell, Tanya Hinton, Nick Andrew, Annie Batten, Susie Laverty, Becky O’Connor, Tamara Peirson, Caroline Grayson & Tina Smale.

Thank You

We’ve been truly touched and heartened by all your positive feedback. It really encourages us forward knowing that we’re on the right track. It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with such amazing, talented writers and artists and to create a diary that we truly love and that so many of you enjoy and find useful.

Alternative Binding

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Additional Information

FormatWEEK-at-a-Glance Format
Other FormatsMONTH-at-a Glance Lunar Grids | YEAR-at-a-Glance Calendars 2024 & 2025
IncludedBank Holidays
Size17.5 x 13cm / 7” x 5"
PrintPrinted in the UK Using FSC Paper & Vegetable Ink
Time ZoneUK Times - GMT / BST